Strokes and traumatic brain injuries are highly complicated and affect each person differently. Starting the rehabilitation process as soon as possible is ideal because the bulk of improvement tends to occur during the first three to six months, with additional progression over time.

Depending on the extent of your trauma, you may be pleasantly surprised with the level of function you can regain with properly personalized care and rehabilitation. At Oak Brook Care, our expert Neurological and Stroke Recovery team’s key goal is to help you regain independence and improve your quality of life. Together, we’ll practice new skills, help you relearn old ones, and determine practical ways to live your best life.

We design a customized rehabilitation program in conjunction with your neurologist. It may involve mobility training, therapy for communication disorders, exercises to help you strengthen your motor skills, and other specific therapies to help you regain range of motion and lost brain and body function.

Our Neurological and Stroke Recovery services include:

  • SAS and 3D VR equipment to help rebuild confidence, strength, and coordination
  • Bedside swallowing evaluation by our full-time speech therapist and e-stim for swallowing improvement
  • Physical therapy to promote improved skills, endurance, and range of motion
  • Occupational therapy for home management, leisure, and work-skill training
  • Speech therapy for articulation and voice enhancement
  • Patient and caregiver training to build functional abilities in a supportive environment, even after this phase of rehabilitation has ended