Forget about what you think you know about a short-term rehabilitation center.



Rehabilitation at Oak Brook Care is far from what you might expect from a short-term rehabilitation facility. In fact, we think you are going to be amazed. We bring a powerful vision of how outstanding care should be defined within an intimate and masterfully designed town square community setting.

Nothing is spared in our quest to combine the finest in care with the utmost in comfort. From your first glimpse of the welcoming lobby to a stroll through our lovingly created Town Square – with its quaint ambiance, old-time general store, ice cream shoppe and hair salon — you’ll quickly see that Oak Brook Care is a gracious reminder of a not-so-bygone era when “care” and “caring” were synonymous.

We create an exceptional rehabilitation experience.

Despite the genial turn-of-the-century Main Street setting, this is far from your grandmother’s nursing home. Our rooms are welcoming and cozy complemented by warm finishes in soothing earth tones, oversized windows, polished hardwood flooring and ample seating space for the entire family to visit.

Our sense of community is second-to-none, with a variety of relaxing and cheerful gathering areas, private patios and lovingly landscaped gardens that are often a-flutter with colorful butterflies and warbling songbirds during the warm months.

At the end of the day, it’s all about therapeutic care…and we excel.

As you might expect, a facility that spends this much time on the small details is bound to shine when it comes to focusing on what’s most important: returning you or your loved one back to your everyday life.

Our credentialed and compassionate integrated therapy team provides round-the-clock, round-the-calendar skilled expert care revolving around each patient’s unique needs. Within a specially designed therapy room that seamlessly integrates the natural beauty of the outdoors – and through an individually tailored combination of therapies, treatments and modern and specialized equipment — we identify your goals, monitor your progress and provide the resources you need to return to optimal functional level.

We invite you to tour our exceptional Oak Brook Care facility. Nine out of ten individuals or families that take us up on our offer end up choosing Oak Brook – especially those who have visited other area facilities. Find out why when you arrange your visit.