Dear Families,

COVID-19 numbers in the State of Illinois are increasing at a dramatic rate.  Rest assured that we will remain vigilant in our response to this crisis.  We continue to monitor our residents each shift for any signs and symptoms of this virus.  All staff members are screened upon their arrival to the facility for any signs and symptoms, including temperature, and are again screened mid-shift.  We are also pleased to report that we have adequate amounts of PPE on hand and will continue our efforts to procure these very necessary items.

We continue to test our employees on a biweekly basis and our residents on a weekly basis.  As we have said in previous correspondence, we have had some employees and residents test positive over the last two weeks.  Any time a positive case is identified, either resident or staff, we follow CDC guidance regarding required periods of isolation.  Employees are not allowed to return to work until all CDC criteria has been met. In the spirit of transparency, we will be reporting our weekly numbers on our website at  The information will be listed under the NEWS section of the website.  These results will be posted each Friday by 5pm.  Additionally, we will post information regarding any new cases within 24 hours of identifying the case.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.


Jina Lebert-Davies