This facility has reviewed the State of Illinois document titled Updated Interim Guidance for Nursing Homes and Other Long-Term Care Facilities and Programs: Phased Reopening dated October 21, 2020, and attests that it meets the criteria to move forward into Phase 2 of this plan.  This facility has completed the required online attestation at

This facility’s last facility-onset COVID-19 case was on 02/15/2021.

All eligibility criteria for phase advancement must be met for a facility to enter CMS Phase 2.  This includes the regional resurgence metrics.  Thereafter, these conditions must be met for 14 days continuously for the facility to remain in CMS Phase 2.

  • If any resident of the facility develops new, facility-onset COVID-19, then the facility must immediately revert to the highest level of mitigation and start the CMS phases over.
  • If the facility no longer meets any other criterion for phase advancement apart from regional COVID-19 health metrics, then the facility must revert to CMS Phase 1 until the criteria are fulfilled. 
  • If the facility’s Region no longer meets targets for health metrics, then all facilities in the Region are subject to tiered mitigation.  Oak Brook Care is located in Region 8.

During CMS Phase 2, all residents who are not in isolation or quarantine due to known or suspected COVID-19 infection or exposure may receive outdoor or indoor visitors.  Residents in isolation or quarantine cannot receive visitors.

Outdoor visits are strongly preferable to indoor visits, weather permitting.  The facility will use the following criteria when scheduling visits at its discretion:

  • Outdoor visits will be scheduled if the outdoor temperature is 60⁰ F or higher and there are no other inclement conditions such as rain, high winds, etc.
  • Indoor visits will be scheduled if the outdoor temperature is 59⁰ F or lower.  Indoor visits must take place in the facility-designated common areas.
  • In-Room visitation is permissible for bedbound patients, provided that the room layout allows for a 6-foot separation between the resident and visitor.
  • In-Room visitation is also permissible in certain cases such as end-of life or compassionate care, provided that the room layout allows for a 6-foot separation between the resident and visitor.

The facility will follow the same criteria for both indoor and outdoor visitation as follows:

  • Visitation will be limited to two visitors at a time per resident.  The visitors, if two, must be from the same household. No visitors under the age of 18 are permitted.
  • The facility must determine the maximum number of residents and visitors allowed in the outdoor space at one time based on the size of the outdoor space, ensuring that a minimum of six feet social distancing is achievable.
    • For outdoor visits, the facility will utilize the parking lot located in the front of the building.  In order to meet the social distancing and supervision requirements, only 2 residents will be allowed to visit with their families at any given time.
    • For indoor visits, the facility will utilize the Bistro North. In order to meet the social distancing and supervision requirements, only 2 residents will be allowed to visit with their families at any given time.
  • The LTCF will clearly communicate and enforce social distancing of six feet between the resident and all visitors.
    • This written plan will be distributed to all residents of the facility as of the date of this plan.
    • This written plan will be e-mailed to the resident representative of each resident residing in the facility as of the date of this plan.
    • This written plan will be posted on the facility website.
    • This written plan will be made a part of the admission packet so that all new residents/resident representatives are aware of this plan.
  • The facility has set the maximum number of visitors allowed in a single day as follows:
    • In order to allow for visits for all those wishing to participate, this facility will allow a 20 minute visit.
    • Visits will be scheduled every 30 minutes, allowing 10 minutes in between visits to clean and sanitize the visiting area.
    • To ensure meal times take place inside the facility, visiting hours will be as follows:
      • 9:30am to 11:20pm          
      • 1:30pm to 3:20pm
  • Visitors must schedule an appointment with the facility to visit a resident.
    • The facility receptionist will keep an appointment log.
    • Appointments can be made by contacting the facility Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm.
    • In order to comply with the pre-screening requirements, appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
    • In order to ensure that everyone is able to visit, we will be limiting each resident to two visits per week.

If a visitor is exhibiting any of the symptoms on the checklist, they will not be allowed to visit.

  • A facility representative will call the scheduled visitor not more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled visit to complete the prescreening.  If the visitor is not available and does not contact the facility prior to the scheduled visit, the visit will be cancelled.
    • The results of the prescreening will be logged onto the VISITOR PRE-SCREENING FORM.
  • The facility will screen visitors upon arrival with the same CDC symptom checklist.  Additionally, the visitor will have his/her temperature taken and recorded.
    • Upon arrival to the facility, the visitor will be screened for symptoms, including a temperature check, by a facility representative.
    • The visitor will be asked to sign the checklist acknowledging that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms based on the CDC symptom checklist.
    • Any visitor with a temperature of 100.0⁰ F greater or any other symptoms on the above-referenced checklist will not be allowed to visit.
    • Additionally, each visitor will be asked to sign a Waiver of Liability.
    • Visitors displaying symptoms will not be allowed to visit.
    • Visitors will be informed upon arrival that if they develop any symptoms of COVID-19 within 3 days after visiting, they must notify the facility immediately.
  • Residents with Active COVID-19 infections, either laboratory confirmed or symptomatic, are not allowed to participate in either indoor or outdoor visits.
  • Residents receiving visitors will be screened with the same CDC symptom checklist prior to the visitor’s arrival.
  • During indoor visitation, Visitors will not be allowed to roam throughout the facility, including use of the restroom or go to the resident’s room.  They must remain in the common area designated by the facility as the visiting area.
  • For the duration of each visit, the resident and visitor must wear a face covering.
    • In order to conserve masks, the facility will ask visitors to supply their own face coverings.  If visitors are unable to do so, the facility will provide face coverings for visitors.
  • The facility has set the time of duration of each visit as follows:
    • The facility has set a duration time of 20 minutes per visit, which may be adjusted based on the number of requested visits.
    • This plan will be updated if this duration is changed.  All residents and resident representatives will be notified if a change is made.
  • The facility will have supervision during each visit to ensure the use of face covering and social distancing.  The facility will make every effort to provide continuous supervision, but based on facility circumstances, including available staff, the facility may choose to have intermittent supervision.
    • The facility will assign a staff member who will supervise these outdoor visits.  This staff member’s responsibilities will include:
      • Screening visitors upon arrival.
      • Ensuring visitors have completed the proper screening form.
      • Ensuring visitors have signed the Release of Liability
      • Ensuring that masks are worn throughout the entire visit
      • Ensuring that social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet is maintained throughout the duration of the visit.
      • Sanitizing tables/chairs after each visit.

For the safety of our residents, staff and visitors, it is imperative that this plan be followed as written.  To maintain a safe environment for all, the facility has put the following rules in place:

  • The facility reserves the right to cancel any scheduled visits at its discretion.  Some examples of potential reasons for cancelations include, but are not limited to, maintenance issues, staffing issues, resident request, etc.
  • Any visitor who is disruptive and does not adhere to facility/State requirements for visitation will be asked to leave, and may not be allowed to return.
  • In order to maintain social distancing, no outside food, gifts, etc. can be given directly to the resident during the scheduled visit.  Please hand anything you would like to give to the resident to the staff members who is supervising.
  • New admissions to the facility or residents returning from the hospital must be placed on 14-day quarantine upon arrival to the facility, and therefore, will be unable to participate in visitation until day 15 if they are well and not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms.  In some circumstances, such as follow-up medical appointments, a resident may need to be placed in quarantine in which case, they would be unable to participate in visitation until day 15 if they are well and not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • In order to allow the appropriate time for cleaning and disinfecting the visiting areas, the facility reserves the right to cancel visitation if a visitor arrives late.

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