What will happen when I am getting ready to be discharged?

The Oak Brook Care team will continually monitor your progress and when the time comes, help you make a seamless transition to home. Our therapists will join you and your family at your home to conduct a home safety assessment to make sure you can safely continue your progress at home.

On the day of discharge, our nurses will review your medications and any instructions that need to be followed at home. We will work with you, your family members and caregivers to help you return to home without incident.

You will be sent home with any unused medications that are allowed. Your family member may want to plan on a trip to the pharmacy for any new medications that the doctor may have ordered. Making sure that you continue your medications uninterrupted is one of our highest priorities.

We are always available to answer questions and welcome your calls after you have returned home. We will call you after you have been home a few days to check on your progress.

Will I need to make adjustments to my home environment?

Preparing your home for a safe return before you enter the hospital with the help of a family member will help ease the transition. Before your surgery, organize your home to clear your walking areas in order to prevent accidents. Consider a first floor sleeping arrangement with a firm bed that allows your feet to touch the floor when you sit on the edge of the bed. Your therapist may also make suggestions to you at the time of your home safety assessment.

Are there community services that can support me once I’m back home?

Our social workers are experts on community services that are available in your area. They can help with setting up grocery delivery, home health services, home adaptation services, and even regular meal delivery services. When it is time for you to go home, the social worker will review all of these services with you and help you choose the best options for your lifestyle.

Will I still be able to call my wellness coordinator with questions after I go home?

Your Wellness Coordinator will be available to you any time after discharge to answer any questions or assist with any problems.

Is there anything I should be particularly vigilant about at home?

Falls are always a concern when patients go home. To help prevent falls, we always recommend removing any throw rugs, ensuring adequate lighting, and positioning furniture to allow for a walker or any other assistive device. Be careful on your first few days back at home because the change, even to a familiar place, can be disorienting.

Another issue is staying on top of multiple medications. Your nurse will review all your medications with you before discharge so you or your home health caregiver can keep you on track once you’re home. Keeping a list of your medications, what they are for and when and how much to take is helpful. Please ask a family member or friend to pick up any new prescriptions your doctor may order. Forgetting prescriptions is the number one cause of hospital readmissions.

If you go home with a wound, you will have special concerns. It’s reassuring to know our wound care team will review the proper care of the wound with you and anyone who will assist you with wound care. The wound care team is here to answer any questions after you go home.

Should I know anything about taking my medication?

Taking your medicine is one of the most important success factors upon your return home. 90% of hospital readmissions are due to a failure to take your medicine. Ensuring that you have the necessary prescriptions at home and continue to take them is important!

Will I be able to come back if I get home and I don’t feel well?

You are always welcome back if you are not feeling well. Each insurance company has different guidelines regarding readmission and our admissions team is always available to help.

If you have Medicare, you can be readmitted to the facility within 30 days of discharge if you still have Medicare days available. We are always available to answer questions and will help guide you to the right decision.