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“I had a total knee replacement and with the help of Oak Brook Care I can function at 95% after 1 month. I felt as if I was at Club Med, their customer service is the best I have ever had. My CNA’s Gloria, Daisy, Cassandra and James always perform their tasks with a smile, I miss their pampering. Their physical and occupational therapist Sam, Sammy, Doneshia, Gregg and Jay pushed me (in the most encouraging way) even when I gave them a hard time (it’s my nature to give people a hard time especially when it come to exercise). It is thanks to staff at Oak Brook Care I can walk, keep my balance and recovered so quickly. My GP, Orthopedic and PT are please with the healing of the knee. Thank you Oak Brook Care, your facility is the smartest decision I’ve made.”

February 4, 2016