Life does not stop when therapy begins. Choosing How Our Individualized Care Evolves (C.H.O.I.C.E.) combines transitional rehabilitation and therapy with methodology, amenities, and services that meet the needs of modern adults on their terms.

We ensure that our residents:

  • Decide when and what to eat
  • Wake and sleep when they choose
  • Nap as they wish
  • Bathe and dress on their own schedules
  • Recuperate in peace with the option of using our “Do Not Disturb” signs
  • Aren’t woken up for nighttime rounds or medicine.
  • Participate in alternative therapies as they wish, including guided imagery, relaxation techniques, and aromatherapy (free of charge)
  • Can request other services such as massages, salon services, and manicures for a nominal fee

Our C.H.O.I.C.E. Program encourages all of our residents to retain control over their lives while they are recuperating at Oak Brook Care. The sooner you return to normal activities, the faster you heal.